jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2014

Magic spells

Accio . It attracts an object regardless of the distance where you are.

Alohomora . Open locks and padlocks .

Anti- copies . It is used in pencils for students to prevent copying in exams.

Aparecium . To make visible the invisible ink.

Arriba. Order given to the broom to mount .

Avada Kedavra . Unforgivable Curse of death. You can not intercept .

Sparks Rojas. They are used for help.

Confundus . It makes people confused.

Cruciatus . Curse of torture.

Engorgio . Increase the size of an object.

Push . Damn pulling the Magi on their broomsticks .

Shield . Spell that protects from dangerous animals.

Expecto patronum . Protects a wizard of the Dementors .

Expelliarmus . Disarmament.

Ferula . Bandages to heal a wound appear .

Fidelius . It is a complex spell that causes a person to keep a secret to reveal impossible unless the protective secret is revealed, the secret is kept for more obvious it .

Homorphus . Makes werewolf return to human form .

Impedimenta . Obstructs or delays launched a magician , or attackers that go to the magician objects.

Imperius . Curse of total control over a person . With this you can manipulate your body and mind .

Impervius . Repels water.

Fire. Causes fire.

Lumos . Create light.

Mobiliarbus . Levita objects and makes them fall .

Morsmordre . Makes visible the Dark Mark .

Nox . Turn off the magical light that gives lumos .

Obliviate . Memory loss .

Petrificus Totalus . Causes the body is paralyzed .

Reducio . Reduce the size of an object.

Redoubt . Remove heavy objects the way.

Relashio . Throws boiling water to flush grindylows .

Repair . Fix broken items .

Rictusempra . Tickling .

Riddikulus . Transforms a Boggart into something funny.

Serpensortia . Create a snake.

Sonorus . Volume increases a person's voice as if you were using a microphone.

Stupefacto.  Makes objects stop moving.

Wingardium Leviosa . Make objects fly .

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